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    2005 aftermarket radio with no sound

    I have the Base V-6 and am trying to install an aftermarket double din Bluetooth. Everything seems to work but I cant get any sound at all coming from any of the speakers. I plugged up the factory head back up and they play. There is no factory amp as far as I know. I have the Metra harness so I...
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    Exhaust Question I was wandering would this setup fit on my 2005 4.0? I was planning on cutting the Y pipe after the cats. I know the GT is 2 1/2 diam. Is there a easy way to make this work?
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    Attaching new bumper

    Hey guys, what is the long plastic piece called that attaches the rear bumper to the car? I bought a new bumper without the hardware. My piece is not worth using.Most of the mounting tabs are broken and the plastic holding the tabs are also broken. What is this piece called or a part number? I...
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    Fog light help

    Hi everyone. I bought a set of fog lights with included harness for my 2005 V6. Everything worked well after wiring it up with the included switch. I just got a GT style switch and need some help wiring it in. The harness in the cabin that controls the generic switch has 3 wires (black, red and...
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    Part # for exhaust studs

    Hello guys, does anyone have the part number for the studs between the manifold and collector. Or maybe a link? Thanks