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    3.8 5 speed will not start

    Yes. When I checked it again and started to test the electrical currents I found the battery was good. Then when to try to start it and noticed the theft light was flashing. Did some research on that and learned that leaving the ground off for 10 minutes can sometimes reset this. I tried it...
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    Great Forum, but is there a pinned section?

    This is a great forum and though I have just started I've gotten much more intelligent responses than FB could ever offer. My question now is there an area for pinned topics such as a wiring diagram and other commonly needed information?
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    3.8 5 speed will not start

    Thanks guys. I'm fairly certain it isn't the battery as it just goes dark when you turn the ignition. No attempt to even start. I did buy am ignition relay and a starter relay as they were relatively inexpensive and I can return them if they don't work or one does. I think the ignition relay...
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    3.8 5 speed will not start

    This is my first post here. I bought my daughter a 3.8 5 speed with 200K miles for her first car. She has had it for about a year and it has been mostly trouble free in that time. The car sat for about 2 weeks while we were away over the Christmas break and now the car will not start. It has...