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  1. XxJSUNxX

    So. Cal daily chat thread

    saw this and thought of you guys
  2. XxJSUNxX

    anyone have an exploded view of 4r70w

    anyone have an exploded view of a 4r70w? i mostly want to see the pump and the location.
  3. XxJSUNxX

    need help getting the rear main seal out of my 2004

    you can do this but be VERY careful when doing so. you don't wanna go and ding the surface up.
  4. XxJSUNxX

    AODE Problem

    not necessarily, but it could be, or it could just be low fluid. check your fluid level when the car is warm and idling. it could also be like you said torque converter, clutch packs, or a clogged line within the trans or in the cooler lines.
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    Where to cut the tips (Update with Tips cut #29)

    i had 2 different exhaust shops tell me this was a bad idea.... they say if it hot and your car is hot it could potentially melt the plastic around your gas tank.
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    random stuff for sale

    yes i only had 2 for the rear, the other one blew out when it was hott
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    So. Cal daily chat thread

    i'd buy it.........if you let me make payments :lol: wait till they start, don't jinx yourself
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    random stuff for sale

    make offers i dont need this stuff oem new right side door latch and actuator $50 obo '99 splitport upper intake with tb $make offer$ '99 split port fuel rail w/ injectors $make offer$ tropic green left fender $100 obo '00 headers stock (i think 1 has a crack,but it can be welded)...
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    So. Cal daily chat thread

    yeah its still here....its sitting right now cuz the transmission pump has a bad seal, so it leaks trans fluid and has none in it :mad: god that car is a money pit. how are your cars doing?
  10. XxJSUNxX

    Mach 1 Shocks, Struts and Springs $300

    i'm in, how much is shipping: 92504
  11. XxJSUNxX

    Mach 1 Shocks, Struts and Springs $300

    how much for just the springs?
  12. XxJSUNxX

    splitport heads from 99 v6

    are you selling anything else from that motor?
  13. XxJSUNxX


    i'll buy a control, pm me a price shipped to 92504 when you get a chance
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    got any wireless controllers?
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    WTS: OEM tan fabric 2000 Mustang seats

    how much for just the driverside skin
  16. XxJSUNxX

    mustang parts

    interested in the trans cooler
  17. XxJSUNxX

    SoCal 3.8 Meet

    yep:thumbup: i wish......i wouldn't fit but a 302 would:cool: depending what my schedule is like and where it is i'll go
  18. XxJSUNxX

    SoCal 3.8 Meet

    lol too expensive... but i'm down to go RB25 :D
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    SoCal 3.8 Meet

    i'm down to go.............. :uhh: when i get the mustang fixed... i luv chronic taco