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    Help! Dont know what to do

    I did put on slightly larger tires. If the car is tramlining then would iit be drifting right and left? Right now it only drifts to the right pretty much on any road I take it on. I was thiking it might have to do with the suspension. I replaced the shock/stuts about 2 years ago.
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    Help! Dont know what to do

    I recently put on new tires balanced and alignment done. Ever since then the car has been drifting to right. I took it back to have the alignment checked and it came out ok. I had them remoun the tires on opposite sides since they are directional to see if it made any difference. Still the car...
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    Instructional On installing a Push Button Starter

    There is a module that you can purchase to bypass the chip in the key. Its the same one that is used for the remote start on 99+. You will need an extra key to put inside the module. Module is roughly about $60.
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    Air Fuel Ratio gauge and vaccum gauge

    I have the instructions that came with the gauges to intall which a can understand somewhat. I was hoping someone has already installed either one of hte gauges and could help me out on the best way to intall them? Also is it possible to monitor both 02 sensors?