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    15 inch rims for 2006 v6?

    Ok guys. I bought a windveil blue v6. I'm in Canada so I need snows. I kept the ones from my old 2000 that was totaled. But they are 15s. Will they fit? This is not for racing or anything like that. Just trying to save some money. Please help.
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    Hard start

    Ok. I have a 2000 mustang coupe base. When the car is cold it kind of stumbles or hesitates at startup. Happens when I leave my place to work and after eight hours when I come back. If I turn it off and start again immediately it will start perfectly. Any ideas?
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    Help!!! Tires for a 2000 ford mustang coupe

    Please. I need help here. This is very basic but I'm a newbie. Can I put 215/65/15 and 225/65/15 on my stock rims? I need to change my snows and I'm thinking of going wider. Help!!!!
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    Problems after revving hard

    I was revving my 2000 mustang v6 in my works parking lot and after that i had problems to run it in Drive, 1,2. It only seems to run perfectly in Reverse. I was revving it hard with my friend to show him some shake issues I was having but not I'm freaking out. Any thoughts?
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    Help with a 2000 mustang v6 3.8

    Hello guys. My car is going crazy on acceleration. I put it on Direct and it starts and if I let it go it will get to 40 km/h. If I'm driving at 60 and take the foot off the pedal and stop giving gas it seems like it doesn't slow down. What would it be? By the way. It also shakes when it starts...
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    Help! Buying used 2000 mustang.

    I need your help guys. I'm looking to buy a 2000 mustang. I saw one today. It's nice. The only problem is it has transmission fluid leak. The owner says its a seal somewhere. The other issue is some rust in the lower radiator support. I have a budget of 3000 and I could lower the price down to...