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  1. bluemustang

    Need Some Advice Badly

    I know I havent posted in a good while but I consider you guys for the wisdom Im in need of. Back in about Feb. I sold off my NX kit. I also advised him about some certain items that needed to be replaced. Well after a bit he goes and emails me saying that theres more then two pieces that...
  2. bluemustang

    Connecticut Stangers LOOK HERE!!

    I know a theres been ideas being thrown around but the LMMC-CT is throwing the first mustang cruise and its an all stang meet you dont have to be a member to join heres the info ____________ Late Model Mustang Club of Connecticut, LMMC-CT Scenic Taconic Cruise May 30th, 2004 Come out...
  3. bluemustang

    Must Sell!! Razzi Front/SideSkirts

    Ok guys I gotta get this out of here so I can pay a certain individual some cash back from a deal gone wrong. So the quicker these items get sold the quicker he gets off my back and we can all live a happy life. I do accept paypal and buyer MUST pay shipping which is gonna be around 50 bucks...
  4. bluemustang

    Zaino Users Beware Look Here

    I have no clue if this is a repost or not but you have to check this out If you use Zaino Be careful :eek:
  5. bluemustang

    Its Official

    Im finally an Alumni Last night I picked up my 1989 LX 5.0 Hatchback in Marron. 100% stock minus the flows and Saleen Wing. So kick ass. Im happy. Needs a little work (vavle cover is leaking gasket gets fixed on Friday) And Saturday im gonna do the normal upgrades. New Spark wires and plugs...
  6. bluemustang

    Need a Carfax Favor

    If anyone that has a carfax account could help me out by doing a check on the Vin below that would be great and so helpful for me Heres the Vin 1FABP41EXKF239146 If someone would do that for me id be very very greatful
  7. bluemustang

    Mustang Truck

    I Like it. I dunno why but id pimp it around town for sure.
  8. bluemustang

    Talk about Ricer Marketing!

    A club member found this on his lunch break and well the pic shows it all :lol:
  9. bluemustang

    Best Vid Ever!

    This was posted on the local board Im on. I seriously couldnt believe this vid. Its hands down my fav vid to date
  10. bluemustang

    This Vid is just Priceless

    Ah man I had a damn good laugh with this video just a second ago Might be considered a little WW just in case Just in case you dont get it by that link go to new vids breastfeed.mpg
  11. bluemustang

    So Wrong its Funny

    :lol: :lol: This is too funny like yeah just watch it to see :lol:
  12. bluemustang

    How Riceboy Are You?

    Saw this on corral thought it was somewhat funny. So I pass along the test of How Riceboy Are You? I took the test and got :D
  13. bluemustang

    Im loosing my mind

    I dunno what the hell Im gonna do. I just found a nice clean 2000 GT thats for sale for 10 grand that I want cause its eggzactly what I was looking for.. Now I gotta see wtf im gonna do. Im just hoping it'll be for sale still in 2 weeks. I hope so :(
  14. bluemustang

    Yes Success Again

    So today I had to go take my physical/drug test for my new job. I feel like success I passed my drug test so this means the job is in my pocket. My new boss will be giving a call tomorrow morning to get the tax crap filled out. Yes :D GT is coming sooner then expected :cool: Side Note -...
  15. bluemustang

    What are some good...

    used car dealer things online? Such as and Anyone know any others that could be out there or are those the main two?
  16. bluemustang

    Walking through the Ghetto is Fun!!

    Yep so as some of you know today I had my interview for the Parts Bitch job which I got hired for booyaa Anyways to get to the dealership I have to walk through the ghetto now im the whitest puerto rican ever. So i always get stares I never give a crap Ill walk through the ghetto im a big...
  17. bluemustang

    Install went wrong? *Computer Q*

    Ok so im running windows XP and you know how each person gets there own section Well recently I installed my DSL service (SBC Yahoo) now the question is why do I have all the selections for internet users on mine but when I go to the moms section it doesnt and it only shows "Other Users" How...
  18. bluemustang

    This is why you hand wash...

    From a guy at Car Wash Ate My Hatch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- took my RSX-S to a car wash near me with a good reputation for cleaning... in a hurry, had a meeting with potential client, wanted the car to be clean...
  19. bluemustang

    I feel like success

    So a few weeks back I got offered a job for working at this big dodge dealership but I couldnt work there due to I had a suspended liscene cause the job requires moving cars/washing them/parts bitch. Well I called a few days back and they said the spot is taken sorry. Then today they called...
  20. bluemustang

    Its a Bike....Its a Stang...Its a WTF?

    I dunno WTF this guy was thinking. Im just hoping he was either A. dropped on his head or B. got locked in his basement and had no other choice to do so :disgust: