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    RIP V6M

    guess this site is officially gone.... RIP :puppydogeyes: :cry: :bad-words:
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    random buncha pics

    so i had these pics on my laptop and it looks like i never posted them up, so heres a few B&W pics taken right before i did my dual exhaust mod... u gotta admit, the halo's look WAY better than stock... especially for the price... lol
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    been a busy man, but its payin off... :)

    so ive been doin quite a bit, and well its paid off... this week the cars been in the shop, and man have i been busy... fixed a few lil stuff happenin with the headlights, (turns out it was just a burnt bulb lol and i went thru wiring after wiring) ive also been doin some exhaust work... trading...
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    im back =]

    'sup :lol: i used to be on here quite a bit, got the laser red '95 Mustang, some ppl might kno me forgot my old password so made a new account =] and since my last entry a lot has changed on ze 'stang :mrgreen: good to b back :D a small list of mods since my last post... -10" bazookas...