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  1. bj350hp

    Mach-1 / Bullitt C-pillars and Glass $250 Shipped

    I have a set of Mach-1 C-pillars and glass for sale off a 03 mach 1 There blue In color but need to be repainted. 250 shipped. (thats what I paid for them and will not go any lower) Also I take paypal. PM me. Note : they came off a DSG mach-1 and then I repainted them True blue. (one...
  2. bj350hp

    Mach-1 C-pillars and autometer 01-04 dual dash pod for sale

    mach-1 C-pillars and Glass (There blue In color but need to be repainted.) $375 shipped. OBO Autometer Dual pod Dash cluster 01-04 mustangs 60 Shippped SOLD
  3. bj350hp

    Ebay sale 99+ mustang parts for sale.

    94-04 Mustang black and tan Mach 460 door panels. 94-04 mustang tan kick panels 25 + shipping mach-1 C-pillars and Glass (There blue In color but...
  4. bj350hp

    2002 GT for sale In Gainesville FL.
  5. bj350hp

    FS: 2002 GT Mustang $13000 FIRM SOLD

  6. bj350hp

    WTB: 94-98 all Black Door panels

    Looking for 94-98 Mustang all black Door panles I need the set. Email me with pics and price [email protected]
  7. bj350hp

    03 Cobra Side skirts. Silver YN.

    I have a used set of 03 cobra sides for sale. 325 + shipping In good shape. The side skirts came off cobra_Dans car.
  8. bj350hp

    03-04 Cobra mirrors

    Used painted True blue... $250 Shipped
  9. bj350hp

    looking for 99-04 vert pics

    Im thinking about picking up a 99-04 3.8 Vert for a DD. So post up pics of your verts :thumbup:
  10. bj350hp

    Picked up Yet another mustang bumper...

    I just need to order the Roush bumper and I will have just about them all....:lol: :crazy: :lol: I'm sure it will be another Year before I get it painted..:lol: :( anyways some crapy pics.
  11. bj350hp

    What Tail Light Tint????

    What looks Better 50% or Black out???? Post up pics of your tint. and where you got it from.
  12. bj350hp

    I Hate chrome....

    So my pony is black now.
  13. bj350hp

    Well its about time sombody on 3.8 Got Hyper FR500s

    the car is dirty But you get the point. :thumbup: Ill get some better pics next week.
  14. bj350hp


    how much for a set of Tail light and Headlight tint 50% tint? PM me back with the info :cool:
  15. bj350hp

    18" 03-04 cobras 18X9 18x10.5

  16. bj350hp

    Ghost Rider.....(Was not happy with it)

    I really did not like this movie at all.... I just saw it today at 4 and it was really Really bad... Bad acting bad story... All around bad........... I gives this movie 4 :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: out of all of the marvel Films This is just a little better then the...
  17. bj350hp

    Back to basics

    :( :(
  18. bj350hp

    03-04 cobra front bumper (whole kit ) central FL

    SOLD I'm selling my 03-04 cobra front bumper. This is the whole kit everything you need from fogs to the front lip. looking to get 525. Will not ship (I paid like 650 shipped) I'm in Gainesville FL This is the same kit that blue oval industries use to sell. Its new in box has only...
  19. bj350hp

    Hypercoated Bullitts

    Is there any plans to get Hypercoated Bullitts made in 18x9 and 18x10???
  20. bj350hp

    New Hypercoated Bullitts wheels

    If this is a repost delete...... I dont know how many of you have seen this but americanmuscle now sells Hypercoated Bullitts They only come in 17x9..... (if they made them in 18x9 and 18x10 id have a set right now.:thumbup: )...