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    so i think i "re-fell in love with" my mustang

    after sitting in the pole shed for a couple of years, i pulled the mustang out today, washed all the dust off, and put on some 18x9 chrome saleen replicas. i am kind of thinking of taking off the side scoops and chin spoiler. thoughts/opinions/constructive critisism welcome :) this...
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    what is the most harmless sensor to un-plug? **READ POST 38** **NEED INPUT**

    so i want to get my fiancé an aftermarket sirius radio for her '00 grand prix GT. i dont want to just give her a box with the radio in it, i want her to go to her car with it installed. in my old '03 dodge 2500, i wired it right into the vehicle and had all wires 100% hidden...i plan on doing...
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    Need new car reccomendations **PICS OF NEW CAR POST 64** - **BAD NEWS POST 89**

    my fiancé currently has a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT and it has ~120,000 miles on it and things are starting to go wrong on it left and right like most 10 year old cars with that many miles do. i think we might be looking at getting her a different car this spring and am trying to find the best...
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    I recently got a small powdercoating system setup in my garage and just want to get a feel for how many people, if any, would be interested in getting some parts powdercoated. I already have satin black powder and plan on ordering some gloss black powder (for pulleys), aluminum colored powder...
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    blew up the lightning - *UPDATE* - RECONSTRUCTION UNDERWAY, PICS TO COME

    well, sunday i ran the truck pretty hard, started running like **** and threw these codes... P0234 - Engine Overboost Condition P0303 - Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected P0304 - Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected ...i figured that i'd clear the codes, change the plugs, and swap 3 & 4 ignition coils...
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    computer geeks, i need your help!

    after hooking my camera up to my computer to load some pictures on to my computer, my toolbar disappeared and all of my desktop icons disappeared. now when i start up my computer, all i get is the background for my desktop. i have to ctrl+alt+delete to bring up the task manager to "start a new...
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    HELP!!!, tire shop bent my wheel!

    Today I took the truck in to the tire shop on my lunch break to get my new Toyo Proxes S/T II tires mounted and balanced. After work I picked the truck up and went home. I got home today and noticed they bent one wheel (see pics). How the heck do I get them to fix their mistake without them...
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    picked up another eaton blown ford...

    ...i picked up this '00 Lightning this past weekend for $5,995. I only have a couple pictures right now, but i'll try and get a few more tomorrow. it has 81,000 miles on the clock, has an airaid intake and borla exhaust. within the next couple of months it'll have a new paint job, 01-04...
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    New addition to the family

    Went to see him for the first time yesterday and put a down payment on him. It'll be a long four weeks before we can bring him home. Now it is just trying to think of a name. Between the fiance and I, we've come up with... - Cooper - Mack - Rex - Wilson - Waylon ...none of which I...
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    looking to buy this vehicle, need a carfax, HELP!

    Just checking to see if someone on here has unlimited carfax reports before I go spend anywhere between $30 and $40. I need one ran on VIN... 2FTZF0733YCA55715 ...if someone could e-mail me the carfax at [email protected] I'd really appreciate it.
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    looking to gain ~10lbs in 7 days...need suggestions

    so next sunday i am going to be in a cross country mountian bike race. there is a regular class and a "clydesdale" class. the clydesdale class is for people 200lbs+ and the regular class is for people under 200lbs (usually very skinny and very fast 140lb dudes). right now i weigh 193lbs and...
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    4R70W question, 2000 to 1998?

    my 1998 4R70W has seen its better days, and i found a decent deal on a 2000 4R70W. Will this 2000 4R70W work on my car? also, what will i have to do to use my speedo gear on the 2000 transmission?
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    FEELR: parting out my car, lots of stuff FRESHLY REBUILT '89 SUPER COUPE SHORT BLOCK!

    i am really considering parting out my car, putting it back to 100% bone stock, and getting a 01-04 GT...but before i tear stuff apart, i want to know if there would be any interest in the "stuff" i'd take off the car. i really dont want to go ahead and do this unless i have quite a bit of...
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    polished '01 cobra wheels/tires

    Polished 2001 Cobra wheels (actually came off a '04 GT premium, so they have pony center caps, not SVT center caps) with kumho ecsta 711 245/45/17 tires that have a good 85-90% of tread left. I am asking $500 OBO + shipping. Two are in perfect condition, two have some curb rash (I bought them...
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    need a carfax, can anyone help?

    i have a buyer lined up for my vehicle, and i am looking at buying another (the main reason i am selling mine is because of this one). if i could avoid spending the $30 on a carfax report, that'd be great. 2FTZF07331CB01386
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    can this be fixed? (body work people, i need help!)

    A truck with a receiver hitch backed into this bumper and busted a pice out of it. Can that piece somehow be put back into place (still have the piece), bondo'd and re-painted? A buddy of mine :uhh: might be buying this truck, and he :uhh: wants to make sure that it is fixable.
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    rollin' 35's...just got some 315/70/17's for the dodge!!

    picked up some used 315/70/17 BFG All-Terrains (the metric equivalant of 35x12.50's) for $80. here are some pics of the truck with them, currently w/ stock suspension and no rubbing problems. i think that with a 2" lift they'd look a lot better, but definately not bad for stock height. they...
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    CHeck out MY new kicks!

    The girls just cant keep their hands off me since I started wearing them. The girls down town refer to them as my "sneakers." Every pair you buy, Nike donates 0.001% of the sale to the little Chinese kid that made them!
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    anyone into woodworking? thinking about taking on a project

    so for the past 8 months or so i've been looking around for a small, reasonably priced dining room set. there are all kinds of cheap pressed board sets in the $300-$400 range, but thats what they so i found some plans for a chair and some plans for a table (that i've modified...
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    got some side scoops

    picked up some fiberglass side scoops and fiberglass SVO side skirts at a snowmobile swap meet a little over a week ago for $35. i probably wont put the side skirts on, but tonight i rattle can'd the side scoops just to see how they'd look. i must say they turned out damn good :naughty...