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  1. Rapscallion

    2014 Fantasy Football Free League

    Alright you JESTERgots and LEONbags. It's time to get some free FF going once again. I sent out invites to all the players from last year but so far only 5 Teams have signed back up. We want at least 10 and maybe 12 if we have enough lust for failure against the BT's of the world. DRAFT...
  2. Rapscallion

    2013 Fantasy Football FREE League

    It's that time fellas. Emails have been sent to all who participated last year. DRAFT DATE/TIME: SUNDAY SEPT. 1 @ 9AM PST Link to league: ----------------------------------- Teams 1. Rapscallion 2. Revis Island 3. KimK****edMyRB...
  3. Rapscallion

    To Derick, with love.

    Taking the Stage | Ep. 101 | Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life | Full Episode Video | MTV
  4. Rapscallion

    Time for a new phone. What should I get?

    I've had an iPhone 4 for the last couple of years and loved it. I think I may just stick with an iPhone but before I just make that decision, I want to do some research on other offerings out there. What do you have or what do you recommend? Likes/dislikes of your current phone? BTW, I...
  5. Rapscallion

    Congrats Old man #2

    May have to get back into a BT Cruiser now that you're going to have lots of kids with your new wife. :taylor:
  6. Rapscallion

    FREE Samples of Vital 4U Screamin Energy® or Liquid Energy® - No Strings Attached

    Do you like coffee? Do you love energy products? For a short time we are offering a no-strings-attached sample pack of either Screamin Energy® Max Hit Coffee Mocha or Liquid Energy® Coffee energy pouches. These unique pouches offer a quick hitting energy formula that is both safe and...
  7. Rapscallion

    What's your opinion on tattoos?

    With the recent B-hole tattoo thread and the ever growing popularity of tattoos, I was just wondering where many of you stand with your opinion of tattoos in this day in age. Seems to me that the majority of the "Anti-Tattoo" views stem from the baby boomer generation and older. I also think...
  8. Rapscallion

    Which Female Sportscaster Would You Smash?

    1. Hannah Storm 2. Bonnie Bernstein 3. Linda Cohn 4. Sage Steel 5. Sarah Walsh 6. Michele Beadle 7. Erin Andrews (not fair) 8. Kathryn Tappen 9. Rachel Nichols If I'm missing any, please, feel free to write them in.
  9. Rapscallion

    2012 Fantasy Football FREE LEAGUE

    Free league is back ya'll. It may be free to play, but you'll win a 32oz Big Gulp of my baby batter if you win. 12 Team League (Can be edited to 10 if needed) Live Draft is August 25th, 11:00 PDT Here is the current lineup: 1. Rapscallion 2. KimK****edmyRB 3. Raider Inception 4. TXChainsaw...
  10. Rapscallion

    Want to win $25 and a FREE T-Shirt?

    Check out our sponsored post here: 3.7 V6 Mustang Forum - Vital4U T-shirt and Gift Certificate Contest This Week! Make sure you first "like" or "follow" our page so you can appropriately tag it. If it doesn't link to our page, you don't get entered. Any further questions, let me know...
  11. Rapscallion

    ITT: Post a pic of yourself in Middle School vs. Current Pic.

    I will have to post mine later, but Derick inspired this thread with his "20 (18lol) things that you wish you could forget about middle school" thread. Some great learning years are those of Middle School. Try to post a compromising picture from your Middle School days as it will make this...
  12. Rapscallion

    Who do you bank with? What service fees do you incur with Checking Acct?

    I have been with Wells Fargo since I was 18 and have enjoyed free checking and savings up until the beginning of 2012. Now I am being charged $13/month for checking because I don't carry a daily balance of $2,000 at all times. This may seem nominal, but it is $156/year for (in my opinion)...
  13. Rapscallion

    Would you wear any of these Tshirts?

    Just answer honestly. My feelings are impenetrable. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  14. Rapscallion

    My Wolfpack assembles tonight. . .

    Bachelor party commences tonight and doesn't stop until Sunday. Consequences will never be the same.
  15. Rapscallion

    Tax Season: You Buying shizzle or Owing Uncle Sam?

    I am still waiting for my last statement to come in before I can file, but I expect to get a fair amount back (4-5k, I have 3 kids to claim :D). I am spending some of that on the open bar at my wedding this March and the rest will hopefully go towards savings. What are you doing with yo'...
  16. Rapscallion

    Quick HTML question

    Go here: Vital 4U® | Liquid Energy®, Screamin Energy® and Vitamins How do I make the "Free Shirt/Free Hat" banner on the right side align so that it 'hugs' the other images on the left instead of being completely aligned to the right? Make sense? I want it to look like this with no gap...
  17. Rapscallion

    Vasectomy Doods - GTFIH

    I am on my way to getting the snip and want to hear personal experiences from those who have had this procedure done. There are far too many conflicting reports/studies/personal experiences doing google searching so I am bringing my inquiry to the most reliable place I know of,
  18. Rapscallion

    Happy Belated BT BD - Wandler

    I feel like the worst bff in teh world. HB Bison for life.
  19. Rapscallion

    *Official* What You Got For Christmas - 2011

    I figured some people may start getting early gifts today/tonight and a lot will definitely start getting gifts tomorrow. So post up what you got, yo! So far the only gift I've received was a "Xmas Bonus" from my boss. I would have loved cash, but this works :coolface: