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  1. Codi_P

    random garage cleaning sale. suspension/ procharger/ other stuff

    I have a bunch of parts for sale that I'd like to clear out of the garage since I no longer own a mustang. I'm currently located in Mira Loma, CA prefer local pickup. Parts I have (will upload pics once I have an internet connection, supposed to be installed Weds) Maximum Motorsports XL...
  2. Codi_P

    FS: Alpine MRP-M1000 amp

    Selling this amp I just picked up. It's a very nice amp, but unfortunately it isn't enough wattage for my setup. I used it for only a few hours and it works perfectly. Pretty rich sounding amp with plenty of power. specs...
  3. Codi_P

    I got an awkward parking ticket

    I got a parking ticket last night for parking at my friends apartment while visiting (on campus, no machine for passes), but it doesn't have my VIN (the first 5-6)) or the correct license plate number. This would be $60 I don't want to have to spend. Am I gonna luck out because of the...
  4. Codi_P

    Any interest in a nice amplifier wiring kit?

    I found a supplier for really good quality power/ground wire, and was wondering if I'd be able to generate interest in building these into amplifier wiring kits. The wire itself is 4awg. The kit would include a shielded fuse holder, fuse (AGU), pre-installed ring terminal on the fuse lead, zip...
  5. Codi_P

    FS: DiabloSport Predator for 99-04 V6 or 4.6L 2V/4V

    The tuner here: DiabloSport Predator Mustang Tuner U7146 - Free Shipping! It has a tune loaded on it for a V6 Mustang. It is unlocked. Looking for $200 shipped OBO, thanks for looking! Codi
  6. Codi_P

    So I lost my phone a few days ago, and it popped up on CL

    Broken iPhone 16 gb 3gs I've already emailed him wanting to meet up to buy it, what should I do? I know this is my phone because the back of the phone is in such terrible shape. :lol: (the screen wasn't broken when I lost it. I lost it at carls jr at 3:50 (checked text logs), noticed it was...
  7. Codi_P

    FS: 2 General Admission Tickets to Green Day in Sacramento, CA

    Two tickets to green day's sold out show in sacramento, ca. This is a small, intimate venue, going to be 90% smaller than 95% of their shows. $525 for the pair obo
  8. Codi_P

    Archer Season 4

    It premiers in 2 weeks, I believe. :thumbup:
  9. Codi_P

    Computer problem

    I recently swapped radiators on my PC, and I removed my video card and sound card in order to get full access to everything. I put all the cards back into their original slots, and my audio card is giving me a Code 12, or not enough resources to run the device. If I try to click "details" in the...
  10. Codi_P

    Smoking bath salts = become homicidal zombie?

    Kind of awkward to post the article, copy/pasta issues. 'Bath Salts': Use of Dangerous Drug Increasing Across U.S. - ABC News
  11. Codi_P

    FT: Coated Mac Long Tubes

    Going to try to get the car to pass smog in CA. Want to trade for shorties (CARB approved/stock only), mid pipe, and a windstar intake setup. The headers are not off the car yet, on vacation and I'm gauging interest before smog guy x rapes me. If anyone is interested, please PM me and I...
  12. Codi_P

    Shelby dies, age 89

    Auto legend Carroll Shelby, father of Cobra, dies Just in time for marking up the 2013 GT500, no less!
  13. Codi_P

    "Finding" your calling

    Hey guys, this is kind of an awkward serious thread for me. For the past year, I've dealt with the typical first year college problems, depression, lethargy, etc. But, I keep constantly thinking about what is driving me through all of this, why I am doing what I'm doing, etc. So...
  14. Codi_P

    New pic of the car

    With a few more coming up. Since I blew that rear tire, I ordered a new set of wheels/tires and will have them on tomorrow hopefully. So, last pic with the bullitts...
  15. Codi_P

    FS: My Staggered/Deep Dish Bullitts

    Anthracite. 18x9 in the front, 18x10 in the rear. I'm swapping the wheels for hypercoated Saleens. will not have any tires (I have one 555R tire that's down to the wear indicator in the center but not on the outsides. So kind of confused as to how much life is in it :lol). $350 + ship, obo.
  16. Codi_P

    Anyone has processor

    2500k 2600k or 2700k only PM me
  17. Codi_P

    Oh lawd, another computer build...

    So here's the thread regarding my PC build. Planning on doing an i7-2600k, p8z68-v pro mobo, and an oc'd GTX470. Watercooled, dual monitors, large SSD + a media drive... And going to try to do it for under 1k. Already scoped out a local i7-2700k for $200, but I'm not counting on it being...
  18. Codi_P

    FS: My Stereo - Lots of Entry Level High End Gear

    I'm pulling the stereo out of my car indefinitely, regardless of whether it sells or not. I have a ton of stuff that I'd be willing to sell. Here's a basic list: 2 sets of 4 gauge wiring sets Fused distribution block Grounding Block Boss 8 Farad Capacitor Rockford Fosgate ANL Fuse Holder...
  19. Codi_P

    Green Day thread

    who ****ing loves green day here?
  20. Codi_P

    TR3650 Swap this week

    Well, not sure if I said this on here, but my T45 let go about a week ago and I found a 3650 to replace it. I'll probably end up taking a few pictures along the way, also putting in new clutch bolts, rewiring my gauges, and mounting my wideband in a safe spot (away from heat). Also snagged a...