1. Echonan

    3.7 Cyclone V6 Swap

    So I don't know if anybody uses this forum anymore, however I swapped a 3.7 V6 out of a 2014 Mustang into my 2000 New Edge. I wanted to see if that's something that would interest anybody here. I can post pictures and how I did it if anybody is interested or wants help on how to do it themselves.
  2. J

    2000 mustang 3.8

    What flywheel do i need for my mustang I am looking for flywheels and I'm seeing 99-00 and 00-04 what's the difference
  3. bwalk772

    Flywheel questions

    So i purchased a new SPEC billet steel flywheel and SPEC stage 1 clutch and was searching for new hardware to go with it but i cant seem to find any hardware specific to my car (2000 3.8l). Is the hardware for the v8 flywheels and pressure plates the same as the v6?
  4. D

    Fly wheel help

    Hey everyone, thank you in advance. So I recently took my clutch off to replace it and while under and in there j decided it wouldn't hurt to look at my fly wheel. So i did and there were some heat cracks in it, not to big not to to deep but they were there. So I brought it to my local welding...