2012 mustang

  1. F

    New to the Mustang family!

    We just purchased a 2012 Mustang,in immaculate condition, with 42k miles for our son. He will start driving in about 1.5 years, so a nice little hobby\project car for us. Just going to see if we can add a few improvements and make it look as new as possible. Great bones and a solid base to work...
  2. _jakepoland_

    what is a good setup for my 2012 3.7?!

    just got a 2012 3.7 black mustang. (manual) Hate the stock exhaust sound, not looking for a 350z sound, because im aware v6 mustangs sound like those... however, I know if i straight pipe it it will sound bad also. Any ideas? Was thinking of cat delete and muffler delete and keeping resonators...