2015 v6 mustang

  1. 2jmp3

    I messed up.... 2015 v6 mustang

    Hey guys I need help. I recently deleted my cats and my car sounds terrible. I currently am running an x pipe resonator delete and borla ataks. Whenever I hit 2 rpm or even press down a little on the gas my exhaust sounds like a Honda. Please let me know what I should do! I found high flow cats...
  2. WhiteS550V6

    2015 3.7L Initial Mods (Warranty Preserving) -- Need Feedback/Suggestions

    I have a 3.7L 2015 coupe with 7,000 miles and I'm looking to give it a little extra muscle. My initial mods are planned to be as follows: While in Warranty: Roush Cold Air Intake Bama Diablosport inTune i2 -- Anyone used these guys? I've heard very good things, but open to suggestions. I've...