1. Echonan

    3.7 Cyclone V6 Swap

    So I don't know if anybody uses this forum anymore, however I swapped a 3.7 V6 out of a 2014 Mustang into my 2000 New Edge. I wanted to see if that's something that would interest anybody here. I can post pictures and how I did it if anybody is interested or wants help on how to do it themselves.
  2. _jakepoland_

    what is a good setup for my 2012 3.7?!

    just got a 2012 3.7 black mustang. (manual) Hate the stock exhaust sound, not looking for a 350z sound, because im aware v6 mustangs sound like those... however, I know if i straight pipe it it will sound bad also. Any ideas? Was thinking of cat delete and muffler delete and keeping resonators...
  3. oathsv6

    3.7 Madness!!! custom v6 intake R&D

    3.7 custom 112 mm intake v6 mustang look what we are making =) I hope it works out what do you guys think ?
  4. YogiBjorn

    Roush Axle Backs wanted

    Recently found out that my Flowmaster axle backs were both leaking at the welds, looking to replace them with Roush Axle backs preferably for the 3.7 V6. Thanks
  5. Echonan

    Cyclone 3.7 fantasy ideas/questions

    So for a long time I've loved the 3.7 because it's finally a v6 that I feel can be respected in stock form. So I've had a dream fantasyland idea that I just wanted to spitball with people who know more about engines than me. Being that the cyclone is dohc and already can rev decently high from...