1. N

    Max HP limit on a stock 3.8?

    I’m debating supercharging my 01 3.8. I have the adapter plate and M112 and a few other supporting mods too that have to be added on. However, i see a lot of the people with high HP V6’s (450hp or more) are running 4.2+L engines instead of the 3.8. Since my car is built more for cornering than...
  2. 9

    99 Mustang engine rebuild, or remanufactured engine

    My 99 Mustang six, auto - has 192000 miles on it, runs great. maybe 10000 miles ago or a bit less, oil showed up in the coolant - Ford flushed the cooling system, replaced all oil-soaked hoses, and oil didn't reappear after a thousand miles or so. Then recently, had oil change, and again some...
  3. Echonan

    Pacesetter Longtube Headers 94-04 V6 3.8/3.9/4.2/4.3

    Model is 70-3220. They have an EGR bung welded on but NO air pump connection. They are painted black with only minor cosmetic rust and blemishes. They fit on my 2000 4.3 5 speed just fine while I had it. Asking $160 shipped
  4. D

    Fly wheel help

    Hey everyone, thank you in advance. So I recently took my clutch off to replace it and while under and in there j decided it wouldn't hurt to look at my fly wheel. So i did and there were some heat cracks in it, not to big not to to deep but they were there. So I brought it to my local welding...
  5. Reid Murnan

    2000 mustang Turbo

    new to the forum but have a few questions. I'm planning an absolute dirt cheap turbo setup for my 'stang. I'm porting and polishing my upper and lower intakes and throttle body a little bit, I'm building a return style fuel system, 24# Injectors, 340 pump will be spraying methanol. Only looking...
  6. Echonan

    3.8/4.2/4.3 Header Bolts

    Do you guys have any recommendations for header bolts? I'm swapping my engine and the entire exhaust and I'm replacing the gaskets. My question is if I should reuse whatever bolts were already there or if I should buy new header bolts? Is it okay to use some sort of loctite to make sure they...