1. N

    ISO New radio

    Hey guys! I am in the market for a new radio for my 2001 coupe. I am looking for a touch screen double din and I need some suggestions. I don’t want a 60 dollar touch screen thats gonna fail on me a year downt the road. I’m looking for a good quality and priced max 150ish. If you know of any let...
  2. N

    Suggestions to start from scratch

    I recently bought a 2001, 3.8L, V6 Coupe. Nothing too serious for my first mustang. The overall condition it pretty dang good considering how old it is. This thing is already my baby so I wanna really make her stand out. She is currently black, and I’ve decided I want to do black/red everything...
  3. Alex Griffin

    2014 Roush RS

    For Sale is my 2014 Roush RS. It is a six speed manual V6 Mustang with the Sync package. I have been the only owner of the car and have performed regular maintenance on the vehicle. Only fueled with 91 octane gasoline or higher. This vehicle was bought in Springfield, MO in November 2013 and...
  4. oathsv6

    3.7 Madness!!! custom v6 intake R&D

    3.7 custom 112 mm intake v6 mustang look what we are making =) I hope it works out what do you guys think ?