1. J

    car wont start

    did a head gasket and forgot to plug in the the crankshaft sensor so i had no spark later pluged it in and now car cranks and misfires but wont start any ideas coils are good and its getting fuel sound exactly like this
  2. S

    1998 acceleration problem.

    I've got a 1998 v6 3.8 Automatic mustang. the problem is when i'm driving for over say.. 30-40 minutes i get this acceleration problem. the engine won't rise over 2000 RPMs while in drive. when i put it into Neutral it won't go over 4000 RPMs the engine starts to act like it wants to die...
  3. dchall89

    New Motor Mounts/Trans Mount ride is incredibly rough

    Hey guys, Brand new Anchor Motor mounts and transmission mount were installed at my local garage. It's a "mom and pop" operation, good guys and I trust their work. I'm going to take it back to them for this problem, but I like to ask the peanut gallery because more heads are better than one...
  4. nathaniel69x

    94 v6 mustang to 2002 v6 complete engine swap

    what do i need to make this work pcm fuel rails etc?
  5. N

    High RPMs

    I have a 2001, V6, 3.8L, 5spd Mustang coupe. Nothing too fancy. I just got it last week and right off the bat Ive noticed that 4th and 5th gear are quite interesting. If I shift into 5th any lower than 65mph, my RPMs hit 1500 and it does that loud shaking sound manuals do when there isn’t enough...
  6. O

    Putting a engine from a automatic 99 into a manual 95

    I have a motor from out of a 99. It's an automatic. I want to put it into a 95 that has a manual transmission. Has anyone done this?
  7. dave2000

    Engine management, help me before its too late

    hey guys, I've been working on my first turbo build for a couple months now, trying to work out the bigger details and get parts together while on a budget. any way i had planned on using sct even bought an x4 and to be honest i didn't realize that i wouldn't be able to adjust custom tunes...
  8. D'Kota

    '98 Engine rebuild

    I blew a head gasket so i'm rebuilding the engine I could use some tips when rebuilding.
  9. dave2000

    Any advice on first turbo build?

    Hello again everyone, the first time i hoped up my 2000 I didn't really get everything out of it that i wanted. I have spent the last month or so thinking about it and reading a lot of posts from guys on the forum like "turbang_6" "6 shooter" and "jtsstang" and i've honestly learned a good bit...
  10. Echonan

    Engine removal/installation?

    Does anybody know of a guide for the removal and/or installation of a 3.8 V6 or where to find one? I can't find a guide or anything for the V6. Only for the GT. I'm planning on taking out my 3.8 this weekend and would like to be informed before I start rather than winging it.
  11. DanielScott13t

    What would you suggest?

    Hey everyone, I have a 2000 V6 with 187k miles and counting. Runs great. Treated me great. I recently put a few bucks into the car's appearance (and boy did it need it), but now I'd like to put some money into the engine. I dont really know where to start. She runs good, no real problems, but I...