Exhaust Diameter

    So I have a base 2015 Ford Mustang and I’m looking into upgrading my exhaust, the only thing is I’m not sure what will fit on my stock exhaust pipes and what won’t. Does anyone know the diameter of the stock exhaust pipes? It would help a lot thank you!
  2. Luis morales

    Catless xpipe

    I have a 2010 4.0 mustang and am currently running pypes true dual xpipe and no mufflers. I love the way it sounds deep but i want it to be a bit louder and am thinking about going catless. Would this take away the deep tone? I am trying to avoid that stereotypical raspy obnoxious v6 sound
  3. Echonan

    Pacesetter Longtube Headers 94-04 V6 3.8/3.9/4.2/4.3

    Model is 70-3220. They have an EGR bung welded on but NO air pump connection. They are painted black with only minor cosmetic rust and blemishes. They fit on my 2000 4.3 5 speed just fine while I had it. Asking $160 shipped
  4. J

    Roush A.B. or Borla Atak a.b? which has less drone?

    hi! need a big help in this big decision that I'm gonna do. I'm done with the looks of my mustang and moving forward to next level. Planning to change my exhaust but I'm having a hard time deciding which to buy. I really love the roush sound but I've red a lot that it really has drones and some...
  5. Alex Griffin

    2014 Roush RS

    For Sale is my 2014 Roush RS. It is a six speed manual V6 Mustang with the Sync package. I have been the only owner of the car and have performed regular maintenance on the vehicle. Only fueled with 91 octane gasoline or higher. This vehicle was bought in Springfield, MO in November 2013 and...
  6. S

    Comparing OEM manifolds to Pacesetter shorty headers - Pics inside

    Hello - My wife has a 2002 V6 and it's had the tick since she bought it; I finally got tired of hearing it (she doesn't care.. :( ) and bought Pacesetter headers to attempt to resolve the problem. At $129 they're less expensive than a pair of replacement OEM's and only a little more $...
  7. Echonan

    3.8/4.2/4.3 Header Bolts

    Do you guys have any recommendations for header bolts? I'm swapping my engine and the entire exhaust and I'm replacing the gaskets. My question is if I should reuse whatever bolts were already there or if I should buy new header bolts? Is it okay to use some sort of loctite to make sure they...
  8. kcjames


    Used Roush Mustang Axle back exhaust for V6 taken of a 2011 after just shy of one year, but would not fit the GT so i'm selling it.