1. S

    High Idle 2002 Mustang - Fixed

    Hey I just wanted to add a thread in here in case it helps somebody. My wife's 2002 V6 Mustang suddenly began idling high, like 1000-1300 RPM which meant even in drive the engine was "racing" and fighting the brakes with the transmission in drive, unsafe to drive. After eliminating all the...
  2. Troupster

    05 v6 mustang pulsing idle

    Hey guys, I've read a ton of threads and tried to tackle this myself, but I think I may need to take it to a shop. Basically the car is just acting a bit rough at idle, and I'll run you through what I've done: -Cleaned throttle body plate and interior -Cleaned MAF, actually replaced MAF...
  3. Thestigmach1

    Horrible fuel mileage runs like garbage when ac on

    I know there's a thread awhile back about the car running rough while the actual is on. It he had things done to his I have not done to mine that caused the problem. IAC Gasket mod I think is what the problem was. Today I drove 114 miles and used 3/4of a tank. That comes out to 11mpg ish. I've...