1. J

    car wont start

    did a head gasket and forgot to plug in the the crankshaft sensor so i had no spark later pluged it in and now car cranks and misfires but wont start any ideas coils are good and its getting fuel sound exactly like this
  2. K


    Hi, I am new to the Forums. I have a 2011 V6 3.7L manual transmission Mustang. For the past 2 weeks i have heard a high pitch squeak when i am trying to take off in first gear, trying to get started at a red light when slowly releasing the clutch. I am also hearing it when i am trying to slowly...
  3. Samuel Stephan

    SuperSixMotorsports turbo kit for 3.7 Mustang and parts

    The SuperSixMotorsports twin turbo adapter kit is an adapter kit that allows the f150 ecoboost turbos to fit onto the 3.7 mustang. SuperSix advertises that with this setup and low boost, you can make about 400whp and 470 wtq. This is one of the most affordable options for adding boost to your...
  4. A

    Parking lights not turning on, but everything else will?

    I'm running out of ideas, so any input will be very appreciated! So here's my issue; I turn on my parking lights, but they don't turn on (the two by the front bumper, and the two by the rear bumper). The turn signal bulbs turn on, as well as the tail lights, but nothing else will! I checked all...
  5. D

    Newly Acquired '07 V6 Mustang w/ 95k miles. Modding questions.

    This is my first thread as I am a new member and just purchased an 2007 V6 Mustang. It has 95K miles on it, normal wear but still runs/drives fine. I had it looked at before buying and was told I will need to replace the engine thermostat housing soon because it should be done for any '05-'09...
  6. 0

    HELP PLS!!! Fuel Pump Relay accidently grounded with paper clip?!?!?!??!

    Yes im an idiot ...... Ok so i figured out there is water in my gas blah blah blah............thats besides the issue..........[ . I disconnected my fuel filter ,set a bucket underneath my car and would prime my car on and off to drain all the water out my gas tank thinking maybe it would clear...
  7. D

    Will buying a 2003 Mustang be good idea?

    I was planning on buying a mustang 2003 V6, the owner is selling it for around 2000$ , He says the problems are with tie rod ends and dynamo. And the car has 112000 miles on it .I was planning to make it a daily driver to work which is 6km of going and back. And knowing it's a old car there...
  8. DBouvier92

    Manual Lumbar Adjustment Wheel

    Hi All, Just purchased my first Mustang: 2014 V6 Base and need to replace the manual adjustment knob for the lumbar support. For whichever reason, searching this has provided nothing so I’m curious if anyone would know where to find this part or know of the part number? Thanks!
  9. Luis morales

    Catless xpipe

    I have a 2010 4.0 mustang and am currently running pypes true dual xpipe and no mufflers. I love the way it sounds deep but i want it to be a bit louder and am thinking about going catless. Would this take away the deep tone? I am trying to avoid that stereotypical raspy obnoxious v6 sound
  10. Codybam92

    98 V6 cranks forever!!

    Hey guys I have a 98 Mustang V6 the car cranks forever until I can finally get started. -No theft light -Cranks over perfectly -35psi fuel pressure-holds 40psi when not running so not the fuel pump? -Battery is the correct cranking amps. -On a rare few occaision the fuel pump, relays, and...
  11. L

    New To The Forum

    Hey! I'm new to this forum, as of today :p I own a 2005 Mustang 4.0L. I got the car barebone stock and modified it up to this day, and still adding! I haven't done any major performance mods yet. I'm located in Kent, WA and always looking for people to cruise with and meets! Looking for advice...
  12. Chuck192

    New Youtube Series on a 1996 V6

    Hey guys, I'm restoring a 1996 V6 mustang to the most affordable and best of my abilities. As an average Joe I don't have a ton of technical skill. I can replace spark plugs, alternators and easy stuff like that but thats about it. Also, I don't have all the time in the world to DIY everything...
  13. D

    Fly wheel help

    Hey everyone, thank you in advance. So I recently took my clutch off to replace it and while under and in there j decided it wouldn't hurt to look at my fly wheel. So i did and there were some heat cracks in it, not to big not to to deep but they were there. So I brought it to my local welding...
  14. R

    New guy

    Hey everyone! :)
  15. Jonathan Webster

    My first engine swap.

    Hi, I'm new to the forums. I just got a 2001 Mustang convertible for 350$ that has a bad engine(Hard knocking), clean undercarriage with 180k. I was trying to figure out what would be the most cost effective way of getting it up and running. I will be doing a straight swap with a free motor I...
  16. Jonathan Webster

    V6 Swap question

    Hi, I'm new to the forums. I just got a 2001 Mustang convertible for 350$ that has a bad engine. I was trying to figure out what would be the most cost effective way of getting it up and running. Issue: Engine has a really bad knocking (Sounds like it will explode at any moment) I have a...
  17. Alex Griffin

    2014 Roush RS

    For Sale is my 2014 Roush RS. It is a six speed manual V6 Mustang with the Sync package. I have been the only owner of the car and have performed regular maintenance on the vehicle. Only fueled with 91 octane gasoline or higher. This vehicle was bought in Springfield, MO in November 2013 and...
  18. pacbelt

    A Thought About 4.2 Swaps...

    I was going through some 4.2 swaps/upgrades... And there was something I didn't see. Has anyone thought about using an E-150 Upper Intake?? I don't have any stats on it, but it looks comparable to the Windstar Upper, but slightly shorter in height. Odd spot for an IAC too. It also looks...
  19. B

    Free horsepower?

    Hi guys, I got a few questions to run past ya! first, I took of the intake silencer on my 2000 v6 and it sounds better and just wondering if at all how muck hp do u think it gives me and I wanted to know about any free hp mods like I heard that water in coolent is good for adding hp and so is...
  20. G

    mustang 3.8 headers?

    Hi guys, I'm 16 and have a 3.8l mustang v6 and I was wondering if I would have to change both headers because I can only access the driver side one without a life? And how do I get more horsepower?