1. I

    Metal shavings on lifter body when removed

    So, I’ve been chasing a rattle noise in my 2004 3.8L. I finally decided to pull the lifters and check for bad ones and maybe damaged push rods. My son drove this car low on oil several time, but I’ve never found any metal shavings in the oil. Today when I removed the lifters I found several - 5...
  2. biffman1111

    Weird noise while driving

    My car has been making the really weird noise here lately. Its made the noise before and I just shrugged it off because it only done it like once or twice every month or so, recently it has been doing it more and more frequently. While driving to Walmart today it did it probably 5 times. The...
  3. Echonan

    Rod knock/Rod Bearing? 4.3

    I recently purchased a used super six built 4.3 motor with forged internals and all the goodies etc. from a member on this site. Well about a month after getting it in my car I've developed an extremely loud knocking/banging noise when the car is running and it changes with rpm. My local...