1. S

    My Youtube build - 1996 V6

    Hey I thought this would be as good a place as any to share what I've been working on; I have two Mustangs (94 GT, 96 V6) and my wife has a Mustang (02 V6) - earlier this year I bought the '96 as a project to take a car everyone seems to hate and dig the goodness out of it, make it an...
  2. Codybam92

    98 V6 cranks forever!!

    Hey guys I have a 98 Mustang V6 the car cranks forever until I can finally get started. -No theft light -Cranks over perfectly -35psi fuel pressure-holds 40psi when not running so not the fuel pump? -Battery is the correct cranking amps. -On a rare few occaision the fuel pump, relays, and...
  3. Echonan

    Engine removal/installation?

    Does anybody know of a guide for the removal and/or installation of a 3.8 V6 or where to find one? I can't find a guide or anything for the V6. Only for the GT. I'm planning on taking out my 3.8 this weekend and would like to be informed before I start rather than winging it.