1. S

    My Youtube build - 1996 V6

    Hey I thought this would be as good a place as any to share what I've been working on; I have two Mustangs (94 GT, 96 V6) and my wife has a Mustang (02 V6) - earlier this year I bought the '96 as a project to take a car everyone seems to hate and dig the goodness out of it, make it an...
  2. I

    Front splitter from other cars that fit the sn95 new edge

    Front of my mustang looks so bland and Ive been trying to find a front lip for an sn95 that has dimensions to it, i dont like those bland flat lips every other sn95 owner has. Are there any other car that have the same kind of shape of the sn95 i want mean aero like the cobra r lip with a...
  3. 98VenomTurbo

    Fully built Mustang Turbo.Mikes car has been revived.

    Hello everyone, my name is Brian. I bought Mikes 1998 Mustang V6 turbo 9 months ago. Most of you know nothing about this monster of a 600whp car being as it was sitting in a garage for 10 years not being driven. For those who remember this car and amazing build, enjoy. As you can see she looks...