1. C

    4.0 valve spring upgrade

    Hi I'm doing a moddbox supercharger build at the moment and I'm trying to upgrade components as I go, i cant seem to find a good spring/retainer upgrade, anyone know of a good upgraded alternative? Thanks
  2. Dalton Sanders

    2009 v6 Mustang Supercharger Help

    Hey v6ies. I’ve been hunting down a way to slap a root style supercharger on my 09 v6 Mustang. Obviously, it has the 4.0L, steel block cologne v6 motor. The only third-party supercharger I could find was from Explorer Xpress and they are out of business. My question for you all is, what root...
  3. pixapusho

    m112 blower

    I've been reading a lot about the M90 supercharger setup... (Thunderbird Supercoupe I/C'd roots blower for those who didn't know) and then I found the M112 (03-04 Cobra supercharger). Just trying to drum up a new convo for 2017 since I'm late to the game. After reading all I could, until I got...