v6 mustang

  1. K


    Hi, I am new to the Forums. I have a 2011 V6 3.7L manual transmission Mustang. For the past 2 weeks i have heard a high pitch squeak when i am trying to take off in first gear, trying to get started at a red light when slowly releasing the clutch. I am also hearing it when i am trying to slowly...
  2. Samuel Stephan

    SuperSixMotorsports turbo kit for 3.7 Mustang and parts

    The SuperSixMotorsports twin turbo adapter kit is an adapter kit that allows the f150 ecoboost turbos to fit onto the 3.7 mustang. SuperSix advertises that with this setup and low boost, you can make about 400whp and 470 wtq. This is one of the most affordable options for adding boost to your...
  3. Stephen K

    2000 v6 Completed Windstar Finally!! Stock Hood!

    Hey everyone!! It has been quite sometime that I have posted in here but I finally completed my windstar swap after a lot of careful planning! I plan on posting my video and some links to some parts and kits maybe once i hit some of the local junkyards. I am trying to keep the windstar spirit...
  4. nathaniel69x

    94 v6 mustang to 2002 v6 complete engine swap

    what do i need to make this work pcm fuel rails etc?
  5. Codybam92

    98 V6 cranks forever!!

    Hey guys I have a 98 Mustang V6 the car cranks forever until I can finally get started. -No theft light -Cranks over perfectly -35psi fuel pressure-holds 40psi when not running so not the fuel pump? -Battery is the correct cranking amps. -On a rare few occaision the fuel pump, relays, and...
  6. Chuck192

    New Youtube Series on a 1996 V6

    Hey guys, I'm restoring a 1996 V6 mustang to the most affordable and best of my abilities. As an average Joe I don't have a ton of technical skill. I can replace spark plugs, alternators and easy stuff like that but thats about it. Also, I don't have all the time in the world to DIY everything...
  7. _jakepoland_

    what is a good setup for my 2012 3.7?!

    just got a 2012 3.7 black mustang. (manual) Hate the stock exhaust sound, not looking for a 350z sound, because im aware v6 mustangs sound like those... however, I know if i straight pipe it it will sound bad also. Any ideas? Was thinking of cat delete and muffler delete and keeping resonators...