01 3.8 engine to 00


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I have a wrecked 01 mustang with a good engine and was looking into buying 00 mustang that needs engine, both have 5 speed transmission. Is there any differences across the 2 or is it just plug and play?


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You'll need to either swap the lower intake manifold over from the 00 to the 01 or just rig a way to hold the IMRCs open on the 01 engine.

Keep the harmonic balancer and flywheel from the 01 engine on the 01 engine. The 01 is internally balanced and has a different balancer and flywheel.

Aside from that its plug n play.


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Yea the 01 and up have a balanced crankshaft and the IMRC on the intake. So drop the 01 motor in, use the flywheel from the 01 motor and put the 00 upper intake on the 01 motor. Should be it.