04 Troubles


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Hey friends (well soon to be friends...lol) first time on a forum so be gentle... Hahaha... So here's my problem I just bought my first Mustang it's a 2004 40th anniversary V6 3.8 5speed... And there seems to be some sort of a shake when going down hill ( not giving it gas)... Now I know I have an issue with either the brakes or the rotors and I plan to fix that but this happens when I'm just costing down hill... Any thoughts??? would be greatly appreciated as it may help me figure out what to do next[emoji4] [emoji4] [emoji4] [emoji12] [emoji12] [emoji12]


I would make sure your tires don't have any separation in the tread (bulges). Badly warped rotors could possibly cause a little shake too in rare instances.


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Sounds like the same problem I am having again. When pressing on the gas the vibrations stop and as soon as you step off of the gas it vibrates. It is most likley a worn U Joint from your driveshaft or driveshaft related. I fixed this 2 years ago but I put my Mustang through alot of abuse so im not surprised its worn out again. Im going to get a aluminum driveshaft. Herd it elimintes vibrations for good. You should look into it if you have the extra money.