05 Replacing worn drivers bottom seat foam


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I replaced my fabric seat covers with the leather takeoffs ( which are mostly vinyl) around 50k. by 100k the wing on the bottom of the driv seat was broke down and showing signs of the leather messing up with it. so i replaced the foam. heres a little write up. i have basic seats (no power) but the power would be real close. its just a remove and replace job.

Part 1:

So I've been noticing the foam braking down on the outside wing of the bottom seat cushion for a while and it was time to replace it before the seat cover goes bad. I got the foam from Tousley Ford online, about $68+ shipping.


remove the 2 bolts at the front of the seat, the push the seat forward and the covers will pull back to expose the back 2 bolts.


There are a couple connectors under the seat to unplug and pull the seat out of the car.


To remove the trim panel, on the large handle, there is a pry slot to remove the cap and a couple torx bots inside.



Look up under the cover at the small handle and you will see a wire clip.(6) Just pull it off with some needle nose pliers and the handle pulls off.(7) There is also a screw in the back corner to remove.(8) Looking again under the side panel you can see there are a couple metal clips that pop out, and up in the back corner is a plastic button with a v notch that you need to push the panel up and off. ( mine broke off)

With the trim panel off you`ll see the 2 bolts on the outside to remove,(9) and on the inside of the seat you`ll find 1 bolt hidden under the carpeted part of the bottom cover (10)-( 2 bolts on each side) and the back of the seat will come off the bottom.


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heres is pics 6-11


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Part 2:

Now you can start removing the plastic clips that hold the cover on the frame. (11) The sides just clip onto rods, but the frt and rear are a little tougher to do. The cover has velcro that just peels off easy (12) then you`ll find the 3 hog rings.(13) I highly recommend buying hog ring pliars and some rings for this. To remove the hog rings, just grab them with some side cutters and give them a twist (14) and they can be unhooked from the rod and cover. (15) There is a pocket in the bottom side cover carpet on the back inside corner that just fits over a metal tab and the cover is off.

Lift off the foam and set the new foam in place. Re-install the cover in the reverse order. Push the velcro down into the grooves good. That frt cover clip is tricky, its tight and it kinda folds over to clip into place. Slip the side cover plastic clips on the rods and load the hog ring pliars, (16) set it over the 2 rods and squeeze.(17) Once the cover is on, reinstall the seat back with the bolts, the outside bolt goes through the seat cover ( between the levers). Reinstall the trim panel by clipping it back on, then install the large lever.
Small handle note: Put the wire clip back onto the small handle first, then just snap it back on.(18)

This not only saves the seat cover but feels like a brand new seat again and that outside wing feels stout too.


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heres the last few pics


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its one of those things ya just dont think about till its too late and the seat cover is trashed. had this write up together so i thought i would post it up to maybe help someone out a little bit.


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Good write up. I'll likely be getting custom leather to replace the OEM leather fairly soon - will probably have an upholsterer install it for me but good to know anyway.


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Good write up. I'll likely be getting custom leather to replace the OEM leather fairly soon - will probably have an upholsterer install it for me but good to know anyway.
thanks. ya, doing this is not for everyone. i`m a 56 yr old professional DIY`r, but i also have marcy whos done interior work for many years. its a doable project for someone that needs to save some money on labor. the electric seats will be a little different than my manual ones, but the job is about the same.