18 "Wheels worth Upgrading??


My 16 base Mustang came with 17 in standard wheels 7 all season Hankooks which are actually decent all around. I have a chance To get the 18 factory upgraded wheels with Pirelli all season tires for a good deal...is this a worthwhile upgrade? everyone is going to the black wheels--the standard wheels are silver-grey actually different,,, thoughts suggestions ..Thanks.


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The thinner the side-wall, the harder the ride... As you
go up in rim size, the tire sidewall gets smaller. Doesn't
matter though, worth it or not, it's; do you want it or not...

I mean , you can get 22" rims, but have electrical tape for tires...
VERY harsh ride...


Ok---I like both style wheels equal---I was just wondering if anyone had experience with either again thanks
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