1994 Cobra pace car+photoshoot


H/C/I 5.0 FTW
It has been awhile since I have posted here, but I thought I would post up my current project and my vsix :).

I originally was getting ready to leave for new jersey to pick up a mystic cobra, when I came across this rare beauty. This is a 1994 cobra covertible indy pace car replica #724 of 1,000 w/ 49,000 original car miles. The car is originally from florida, but has been in ohio for the last 3 years and was stored. The top on the car is absolutely shot and it needs a new paint job, but I enjoy fixing up mustangs so it should be a fun experience.

The car is pretty decked out as far as the engine goes.

Frpp boss 347 block 4 bolt mains.

Large cam, but previous owner was not sure of the brand or size.

Edelbrock aluminum heads

Vortech v1 w/ power pipe

Stock GT40 cobra top end.

Kevlar Clutch

3.55 gears

aluminum drive shaft

I have a 1994 cobra block w/ very similar miles, I just need the GT40 heads with 1.7 roller rockers that are currently on my black mustang. I will weld a piece back into the inner fender where the power pipe is and put the indy pace car decals back onto the car which I have in a box right now.

Here are some pics with my black stang I took today!

As for my show car it is also rocking a 5.0

2.1 Kenne Bell w/ flowzilla manifolds 3 inch pulley
GT40 cobra heads, ported w/ 1.7 roller rockers
GT40 lower inake
Crane 2031 cam
Mac 1 3/4 long tubes
Mac h pipe
Magnaflow magnapacks mandrel bent out the side
Lightning maf
50lb injectors
3.73 gears
Smog pump delete
upr cai



Damn chipmunks!
Does this count as a mis-badge? I need to know if I should be outraged right now.

However, the Cobra pace car does look like it has potential and the rarity would make a fine show piece with some care. Of course it's not very fair to line it up against your show-quality 5.0, even a Cobra looks shoddy there :p