1999 Ford F150 V6 Turbo

It's not a Mustang, but it is a V6. I figure you guys would appreciate it anyway.

Started out with a Craigslist deal. 4.2L F150 with a perfect body and blown head gaskets. $1k later and it was mine. I had a supercoupe setup lying around so I combined the 2.

The 4.2 was not healthy, so now it gets this. 3.8 supercoupe motor, split port heads and a turbo.

The setup is as follows:
-Supercoupe crank, rods and pistons.
-F150 block with stock girdle.
-ARP head studs.
-Mustang split port heads and intake, ported to hell and back.
-Windstar intake and TB.
-Rev9 66/62 turbo.
-38# injectors, Aeromotive 340 pump, Aeromotive 1:1 regulator F150 fuel rails.

On the dyno with the stock motor and super coupe supercharger with air to water intercooler.
Here are some pics of the new motor at various stages of assembly. I am the worst at remembering to take pics to document my projects, so there are some pretty big gaps. I'm getting better as I go along, so you will be flooded with pics from here on out.

Blocking the oil passage that used to feed the balance shaft.

Painting the block.


Another shot of the balance shaft oil plug.
Freshly assembled bottom end.

Nice shot of the head studs. These are used stock supercoupe internals. The pistons and rods were in great shape. The crank needed a .010 cut and polish.
Getting ready to abuse the heads with a die grinder and a carbide burr.
Just had to see what these rocker looked like on the heads. Such a shame to have them hidden under a set of valve covers.
Slid the stock truck cam into place. Not looking to make huge power, so I opted to save money and use the stock cam.
22429447_1406964239423386_1375596694_o (1).jpg
I got this hotside from a friend of mine, he had it on his 93 Fox hatch. He decided to remake his out of stainless, so I got this for the cost of a set of stainless flanges. The bungee cord was just to hole the Oil pan in place so I could locate the oil return bung.
I milled out the EGR passage way and TIG welded the port shut, just so I could run the wiring down the middle under the upper intake manifold. It was a **** ton of work, but the results are totally worth it.
You have to admit, that is some CLEAN ASS WIRING!!
Ok, I got tired of having this damn turbo in my way. So I decided to move it. Now it looks like another accessory on the front of the motor. I think it looks pretty damn good. I added a flex joint after these pics were taken. I also wrapped the pipes with header wrap.


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The lower radiator hose turned out so nice I decided to make the upper too. Stock hoses would have worked since I moved the turbo, but I was so far down the rabbit hole already, might as well see it to the end. You have to admit that looks great.
Life just keeps getting in the way of finishing this truck. Only a little bit of progress made this week. I had to make a coolant crossover tube from the water pump to the heater core. I needed one that fits the F150 accessory brackets, Mustang lower intake and Windstar upper intake. Since one didn't exist, I made one.
I have not had much time to work on this beast for the past few weeks. The last Silver Springs Ford show is in January, so I'm trying to get it done and go to that show. I had to move the BOV because it was in the way if the coolant tank. It was actually easier to move the BOV than it was to move the coolant tank. I actually like this position better. My goal is to start it by this weekend. The only fabrication left is the down pipe and exhaust.
When I had the supercharger on it, I it dyno tuned using an SCT handheld to load the tune. This time i am going to try tuning it myself with a TwEECer.
This is where I last left the front end.

You can barely see whats going on behind the grill here. I will be painting the intercooler black and swapping those red silicone couplers with black in the future.