1999 V6 Engine replacement question


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Good Morning everyone...

This is my first time posting so I apologize if it's already been answered elsewhere. I tried the search function but came up empty handed...

My question is...

1999 Mustang, old V6 threw a rod at 180,000kms, bought a replacement engine (2000 V6) from a wrecker with 140,000 on the ticker... They had to ship the motor to me. I received it yesterday and even though I told them my original is an 1999 automatic, they sent me a motor from a 2000 V6 with a 5spd.

So... these motors are externally balanced correct? Can I just swap the flywheel from my old motor to the new one, or do I need to change the front crank pulley as well?

Is there anything else I need to change? Or should I just return the motor and get one from an automatic...

My old engine is out, the new one is sitting on the hoist ready to go in... I appreciate any help anyone can provide... I called the wrecker and they just told me to "swap the flywheel, you'll be fine..." not sure I trust that statement... lol

Thanks in advance...

BC, Canada

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"swap the flywheel, you'll be fine" is actually correct. Make sure to use the flexplate bolts that came from your blown motor as the flywheel bolts are longer than flexplate bolts.