2000 3.8L Wanting Nitrous


Profile Violation
And you can't do any better...

There were two people in the this thread that began the name calling,
you and ****-heat #1. That also means you can't count either. So,
I suppose I am dealing with a complete moron... I do not apologize,
but wow, you are a total dope.

Not to mention the suspense you feel, the anticipation on reading what
I write, so you can unload the anxiety and reply.


Profile Violation
Na, I see, you can't wait to see what I write next. There is much anticipation on
your end, because you cannot help yourself but to continue on with it. You
are just as predictable, I KNOW for 100% certainty, you will be back for more.
You can go on and on with everyone else's intentions but your own. You have
nothing original to indicate or say. Whatever kind of look you were going for,
you missed. They say that 80% of the brain is fluid. Unfortunately, in your
case, it's brake fluid. You're so stupid you could count your balls all day long
and never come up with the same number twice.

You're about as useful as a bucket without a bottom.

You also lie about not waiting. I saw how many times you popped back on
to look, you lying little ****. I purposely wait, yet you get on a few times to look.
You're pathetic... I will be gone NOW, till 3AM, so you don't need to bother
to keep coming back like the weak follower you are, and check for a reply to yours,
after this. There will not be one till after 3AM. I am saying this so you CAN
go be human, and live a little. Or you cam keep following me, studying what you
think I do, and what I have because you cannot do anything original.

You soup simple son of a bitch... EASY mark you are...


Profile Violation
You are one ignorant asshole. You and the other ****-bag stared insulting me first, then want to ask
me about insulting others, or you? Well hello there pot, this kettle, did you know you're black? It's
amazing you don't have any reasoning skills what so ever. Yes, you are the easy mark, you have no
grasp on reality with stupid statements like that. I am offended you're a part of the human race, you
waste of carbon... Still, nothing original from you, as usual. You jumped in with the name calling
first and foremost, then you dare to feign ignorance? You're a special kind of retarded.

Insulting without meeting? Well, does that also not apply to you as well? See, there you go again, being
a total hypocrite. Practice what you preach there genius. Keep putting your foot in your proverbial
mouth... You're so fake you make Barbie jealous. Creep... With that, I added you
to my ignore list, **** off..
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Pete fender

Pete Fender
Add yourself to your ignore list.
This site was a disaster when it was 3.8mustang.com.

You have made it as toxic as Chernobyl.
Now run along and alienate somebody else, little boy.
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