2000 Instrument panel issues/questions


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So let me start by saying that i bought a 2000 mustang some time ago, i wanted to fix the a/c , however i ran into some issues with the a/c compressor, so i moved onto other things. I wanted to put on the white face gauge, so when i pull out the instrument cluster i realized i had more than a few bulbs missing. So i replaced then and then discover i had a whole new mess of issues, the sevice engine light was on. So i bought a device to be able to read the computer, only it would not connect. So i took it to the dealership only to hve them tell me the same thing, they could not connect to the computer and it must be a wiring issues, which they would gladly search for, for 175$ an hour. The car ran fine, despite the light being on, i have recently been looking over the wiring harness as best i can, and i think the issue might be behind the radio, just have to remove it to see, that or the plug is messed up. The reason i am here is i recent discovered a Direct fit dash panel for my car. I would like to install it. BUt i would first like to know what wires on my current cluster go to so i better understand what im looking at and how to get around be abling to reprogram it sense i can not access the computer. So if anyone has a wiring diagram to the instrument cluster that tells me what wiring go were and what they do, or just a picture or the diagram. Anything at this point is better than what i have.