2000 mustang Turbo

Reid Murnan

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new to the forum but have a few questions. I'm planning an absolute dirt cheap turbo setup for my 'stang. I'm porting and polishing my upper and lower intakes and throttle body a little bit, I'm building a return style fuel system, 24# Injectors, 340 pump will be spraying methanol. Only looking to make 8-10PSI of boost as I'm on stock internals. So my questions are 1. Anybody know where I can get some rails? If not I'll modify my current ones just would like to save the hassle. 2. How long do you think it'll stay in one piece? 3. Give me some power estimates obviously nobody really knows what it'll make in the real world because of all the variables but give me some opinions or input. This is going to be a daily driven car, I'm not looking to race GTs or any of that. I just want a fun car that'll I'll sometimes use to romp on little imports until I get something else. Thank you for your help in advance!


A local who had built a turbo V6 said a return style fuel system isn't necessary until you're well over 350 horsepower... Any truth to it?

6 Shooter

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No. The return style system is good to 500 whp, but would require twin high flowing returnless fuel pumps and modifications to the returnless fuel pump value files and voltage table.


Boosted V6
I wouldn't touch the intake on stock motor. Basiclly all you need is a good returnless pump, 60lb injectors, upgraded maf, and tune it. No need for return until you're making over 500rwhp.