2000 Roush V6


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Trying to get rid of stuff, figured I'd post it here since I'm putting it up everywhere.

You know the car and it's history. I'm the 2nd owner, and have had it for the past decade. If you want more info, just ask... I have it.
#5004 - one of the rarest Roush Mustangs made. (1 of 106)

I've taken it back to more or less 'stock' Roush V6 to sell it. Price reflects that. 40K on stock 3.8L motor, about 150K on the car. Runs great, I'd jump in it right now and drive it anywhere in the US. I haven't driven it much in the last year - mostly just fired it up and ran it up and down the subdivision roads. Car has a clean MN title in hand, located in Miami, FL (I didn't ever register it down here b/c I haven't needed to drive it).

Roush parts: full body kit (3 post wing), 18x8/18x9 original Roush wheels (very hard to find the 95-00 style like this in a matched set), Roush CF look dash trim package, Roush floor mats, Roush pedal kit, Roush shifter, Roush 13" brakes at all four corners (Hawk HPS pads -comes with an extra set of pads). Jack autographed dash and under hood.

Y2K Cobra R hood (2.5" cowl) with heat extraction, Corbeau A4 seats (blue cloth), rear seat delete, lots of dead weight stripped, A/C delete, heater core bypassed. Kenwood CD player (basic unit, not sure the type off the top of my head), Autometer A pillar twin pod (no gauges), new Ram clutch. Also comes with Predator hand held tuner.

I'll toss in some extra/rare Roush goodies, like a Jack autographed copy of the calendar it was in and some out of production badges/emblems that would be original replacements for the stuff on the car.

Paint is a 7 out of 10. It's been sitting outside in the FL sunshine/wind/rain and it needs a good cleaning. An afternoon with rubbing compound or a clay bar, some wax and you can see your reflection. Last time I did it was for the BBR Breast Cancer Awareness event last Summer. Just been doing basic washes since then.
Passanger side fender is still bowed in from when the car was stripped several years ago. Doesn't affect door operation, just looks bad.
Front bumper/splitter paint shows the track day use, scuffed on the bottom.
There's a dent on the passanger side rear fender from a not so careful neighbor.

























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well long story short chick pulled i front of me. if settlement will cover it im on this thing. (crossing fingers)


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Do u have the stock seats? Those seats are hideous blue

No. I do not have crappy uncomfortable stock seats anymore. In their place are very comfortable and very light weight Cobreau A4s - as pictured. If you want to buy the car and provide stock seats, I will be more than happy to keep the nice ones and use them in another car.


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I was sad to see her go after having it over a decade. I'll admit I shed a tear or two as I watched her drive away. Ironically, I had never seen the car move without me behind the wheel.

Went to a local guy who is looking to get into the Mustang scene. Might show up on the forums after awhile, who knows.


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Aw man congrats Matt. You have been trying to sell this bad boy for awhile now. I'm sure it is very mixed emotions with all the work you did on that. But at least you still have the Black Roush to play with!!!!


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Yeah, the black one is everything I could ever want in a Mustang. (And I don't even have to mod it!)