2000 v6 clutch job help


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I recently did a clutch job and i know for a fact i did everything correctly seeing that ive done this plenty of times but ive never had the issue im currently having. When I give it a little throttle the engine starts fading off and dying but when i push the pedal down a little further it revs up normally. Now when I switch into first and start driving the car humps back and forth like craaazy. Everything was seated properly, flywheel put on the correct orientation, input shaft put into the splines straight, and correctly. Everything torqued to spec. Sometimes it goes smoothly when i give it a little more gas than normal and it doesnt do any of this. I cannot figure out what is up. Any advice?

Pete fender

Pete Fender
Sounds like weak springs in the clutch plate hub, or at least the springs are of a different stiffness than you are used to.


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