2001 engine


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New computer, fuel system, throttle/cruise control linkage. Are you talking about the block or the entire engine (Heads, intakes, fuel rail, altinator, water pump, ect)?


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Originally posted by WhiteStang22
If I put a 2001 3.8 motor in my 96 what all would I need to have it done.



There was a lot of good info there in that short post. If you have more questions just ask.

Also, a 01 is going to have Intake Manifold Runner Controls (IMRC) in the lower intake. These will need to be removed. (Simplified Explanation) It's easy, just take the butterflies off the controller rods, and then pull the rods out. You will then need to cover the holes, but this can be done using JB weld.


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if a split port will mount up to my existing engine the I would pay for one to be put in...but I haven't really looked for one. So if anyone knows how much they are or where I can get one let me know.