2001 v6 turbo build


Boosted V6
, converter is a non lockup 4400 stall ptc , I also have sfi flex plate , as far as the girdle the oil pan and all was clayed to check for clearances , everything checks out. Dipstick tube I haven't checked yet but was on my list , also those are the washers I have for heads ... I have never heard of bhj harmonic balancer but shooting for 800-850whp
Get up with Bill Evanoff on fb for a bhj balancer. He runs supercoupe performance. Bhj makes the strongest crank pulley/ balancer for these cars. It's a must for sc cars spinning their blowers 20-30% over-drive.


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She's about ready to drop in :)


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The back of the car looks absolutely sick man! I'm really excited to see what you're doing to this car. Hopefully you'll post more pictures, maybe even videos of it as you put new mods into it. Keep up the good work!


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So an update for everyone , last year I snapped my crank , so I got a scat 9000 cyro treated , I also bought ferrara oversize stainless valves , .650 lift psi springs and a .624 lift cam . Rear end is now upgraded to 35 spline, spool , and 9 inch ends. I also upgraded suspension with strange double valved drag shocks , strange 10 way Coil overs, team z drag springs, team z arb , and team z relocated uppers... also I had Taylor design and make me a custom intake and ditched the s369.74 for a s476.83 ... time to let her eat. Pictures to follow