2002 Radio Bezel, and misc interior parts


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I'm hoping I can pick up a radio bezel from a 2002(or similar) Mustang!! Please let me know if you can ship one ASAP!

I am also need;
Gauge Cluster(or clear plastic face)
HVAC Panel
Broken Mach radio, or Mach radio faceplate

You can send me a PM, or email([email protected])



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I have a radio bezel (double din/ dark brown) and a mach 460 radio (double din)

if you are interested let me know.

dang, I had a guage cluster i threw away yesterday! it had a spider living in it


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Man that sure is tempting! But having seen how difficult it is to match this paint...I think I will hold off on that bezel. I am hoping to find one that will match my interior.

I am interested in that Mach radio. Let me know how much it would cost shipped to 02895!

Thanks for replying to my posts! lol


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I might also be interested in that radio bezel depending on how much you want for it. I might end up painting it myself!


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That sounds like a good deal. Do you have any quality photos of those pieces?? I want to be sure they match!


YES it's a V6!
I have pics of the cluster and hvac panel, I will try and get pics of the bezel tonite. I leave early Friday for over a week so tomorrow is the only day I can ship before then. The radio beze is the double din size in charcol same in any car with black interior.


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Alright, if you could send the pictures my way I would appreciate it. I actually have the graphite interior I'll definitely decide one way or another tonight/early tomorrow once I see them.


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