2004 3.8 m112 swap


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Hi new to the site I have a 04 3.8 split port and 03 m112 going to put on for my kid , I own some cnc's . I noticed that no one has put the intercooler on this swap . do you think anyone out there would be interested in the setup when I finish . I'm going to mill out a pocket for the factory intercooler to fit it in the lower intake and machine the adapter plate to fit . I put the Windstar set up on it two years ago and it worked great with a tune . want to another hundred horse out of it . any info or suggestions would be appreciated.


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I think it's been done, however it's very tall. Other than that, methanol works well as an intercooler replacement for relatively low boost (15 or so psi and under). I was running 40psi with no intercooler and 2000cc worth of methanol injection and saw 200 degree IAT's at WOT. 200 is a bit high in terms of IAT but that was with a crap ton of boost.


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yes there are a lot of examples out there . I was wondering if there is anyone that has used the factory intercooler if I mill a pocket in the 2007 freestar intake down to receive the intercooler it will lower the sc 1.75 in . giving more hood clearance he picked out a hood but im not sure how much clearance it adds . he is a good kid and deserves more HP I got him the car for his grad present his choice was was party or car . this is the hood


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