2004 Mustang 3.9 push rods


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Can someone help me with this question? Chilton instructed me to go TDC on #1, torque to Specs, then repeat process on #2 through 6 in the firing order. I have done this. My problem is that some of the Push Rods are not at zero lash now. Is this correct or do I torque another 1/4 or 1/2 turn?

Pete fender

Pete Fender
It's not as hard as a lot of people think it is.
Start by loosening all lifters.
You can start with the engine in any part of the rotation, you don't even need timing marks, as timing nowadays is done by the PCM.
Carefully go, one lifter at a time, by tightening all of them until each one has no slack, and just becomes resistant to turning. Don't tighten them much, just enough that there is zero slack.
Rotate the motor 90 degrees, and check for loose ones.
Again, tighten until you feel resistance.
Do this until you have made two complete revolutions.
Then, all of then 1/4 turn tight.
This is the method I learned a long time ago, and if you don't have defective lifters, works every time.

Pete fender

Pete Fender
You still torque the rocker bolts down, the tightening procedure bleeds the lifters of any air in the lifter body.
If even a tiny bit of air is inside a lifter, it takes awhile to get the tapping out.
Hydraulic lifters are sort of a pump.