2006 AC vacuum hose

Tom Harris

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Can someone post a picture of where the vacuum hose for the ac switching is in the engine compartment. V6 2006 mustang. Air is not switching to front vents. It only blows through the defrost vents. I found info on YouTube for 2004 and older but not 2005-11. Thanks in advance


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There are no vacuum hoses in the vent system for 05+. It's an electric motor that
moves the flap. It can also be the HVAC module with the dials on it, it could be bad
and just doesn't work right. Usually, when the flap fails you can hear it ticking inside
because the motor doesn't stop and the jumps teeth on the gears as it keeps trying
to move the flap in the same direction. Then, the actuator can simply be bad.

You didn't find anything because you searched for vacuum controls, and not actuator.
OPR Mustang HVAC Blend Door Actuator - Defrost 388866 (05-09 All)