2010 Grill replacement

chris willems

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I have a 2010 Silver Mustang convertible V6 , I want to put a 2012 Silver Club of America grill with TriBar pony. All the sites state 2011-2012 for fit. Is the 2010-2012 the same grill fit



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They should be the same, '10-'12. They say '11-'12 because THEY
made it for the '11-`12 year, so they won't include '10, is mostly what
they do. I have seen listing practices like that, me knowing full well
it works with it.

The difference between the 2010s to '11-'12 is the '10 still has the
05-09 engine and transmission options, bad move on ford's part.
They should have waited till 2011 before making the change with
the new motors and transmissions. Now, you have a car that looks
like the 11+, but won't perform like one.

I have had two 2013 Jettas, one a TDI, a 2015 TSI, and now a 2012.
2.5 I5. They all have the same headlamps, but the 2011s have a clip
that hold the H7 bulb in, while '12-'18 H7s twist in. When you look at the
OE headlamps for 12+, they won't include it as fitting '11 for that simple
reason; how the bulbs install. Aftermarket companies usually don't care,
they will span the entire platform, but, some will do the same thing just
to be safe. Then in '15 they did the face-lift, and dumped the 2.5 I5
engine. Now you have 1.4T, 1.8T, and 2.0T. But, cosmetically, all that has
changed was the front and rear fascia, and trunk lid. You can use the
SAME hood from '11 all the way to '18, but VW will separate the 15+
from the 11-14, even though they WILL fit, and I know they do, I have
done it three times. Core supports, will also ALL fit, you just have to
drill two holes for the 2015+ models for the active shutter (if equipped)
and ambient temp sensor harnesses. I know, I put a 2013 core support
in a 2015, and only had to put the two holes in it. The thing that will not
fit between the years is the front & side brackets for holding the bumper
cover on, and they changed the grille. SO, you can make your 11-14 look
like a 15-18 with the cover, upper grille, front and side brackets; the core
support did not change so the front bracket hangs right on it...

I buy the 2013 hood for the 2015, because it's going to be cheaper than
the 2015 part. Same with most the others, I know it will fit, so I will
order the older model year because it's cheaper, with an older part#. Same
with wheel bearings, they are ALL the same 11-18, but I order a '13
part because it's $30.00 and the '15 part is $45....

They update the part#, even though it's exactly the same, but may just
look a little different; texture and look, but SHAPE the same.