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OK, so I have been reading a lot of forums and unfortunately, most of the time, it is hard to decipher what is going with all the people posting “well I heard this or that, saw this or that” or “my opinion is this or that”. I don’t want this thread to be nothing but arguments on how someone else’s mods are better than yours.

What I am looking for is a good list of Bolt on Parts to really wake up and enhance my V6.

I am at this point in time purchasing primarily Ford parts as I can get them at basically cost.

Right now my plans are:

M-9601-MGT K&N Filter

M-5251-MV6A X-Pipe

M-5230-MV6CA Axel Back Exhaust

I am not sure whether or not I will do a CAI as so many reviews come 50/50 in the debate between CAI vs KNN filter. Only thing that actually comes up here is that some people prefer the sound that comes from the CAI.

I want to stick to bolt on upgrades for now. Once I have those done I will be looking to do more to improve the vehicle. For example, at some point I will more than likely switch out the 2.73 gears with 3.73 gears as I have read performance is better without a large hit to MPG like the 4.10s. Also switching out the drive shaft at some point. I’m not planning on removing the limiter until it is replaced. (please don’t spam this with arguments of the driveshaft being good or bad, I would just rather stay on the safe side and get one that can handle high speeds without a question)

I would appreciate any help with more parts that I can swap out easily, and If you have any information in regards to how the warranty is impacted by non-ford parts and tuning. I’m in Lawrence Kansas if anyone has information on a good crew to work on these cars.


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Welcome to forum!

I think your list is pretty good. Replacing the driveshaft is a perfectly sensible upgrade, but I caution you to exercise those speeds in the proper venue (race rack).

You may have already read or heard that tires have the greatest impact on your experience behind the wheel. You have not really specified your ultimate goals, but I can tell you that in all applications not all tires are made the same.

I believe the 3.73/4.10 wisdom is held over from previous generations of the mustang and various transmissions. I recommend not going higher than 3.73. The 3.31 is a good option too. I suggest using the Tremec Gear Ratio Calculator to see how each would do.


Phil is the man, I took his advice and looked into the Tremec calculator and made this spreadsheet.

Qualifiers: This is based on 25.6 OD tires on 2010+ manual transmissions. I am NOT a professional this is just something I put together so I can see things all at once and think about them entirely too much and stare at numbers... and think...
Either tomorrow or Mon. I am changing from Redline MTL to the manufacturer recommended Motorcraft dual clutch and will post effects. Want to do this before MGW race spec shifter gets here in a week or so, so I know objectively what effect each has and then I will post results again.
If the fluid and shift kit fix my tranny woes I will stop dreaming of the T56 and decide on a rear gear.


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I really noticed a difference with my long tube headers and high flow catted x-pipe, but I installed them after my 3.73's, that also made a noticeable change. I had the airaid cai, but sold it and just put a k&n drop in filter. I couldn't tell a difference power wise between the two, but it does feel like it runs smoother with stock air box, I'm guessing that because the stock box is quieter than the airaid makes it seem smoother.