2012 Wheels On A 2001


I'm hoping someone here will be nice enough to share some wisdom with me, as I am new to the Mustang world. My experience is all with turbo Fords from the 1980s; this newfangled stuff is a bit beyond me at the moment. :)

I have a 2001 convertible that the PO installed 17" wheels on. They're pretty ratty looking, and I want to replace them. I came across an ad for a set of 2012 Mustang wheels that I'm considering, but a quick search told me that the 2001 stock offset is 30mm while the 2012 ones are 40mm. What is this going to do to the look and stance of the car?

Thanks, y'all.
So I went ahead with the swap, and decided to take a few pictures for those who may follow. In my opinion it doesn't look all that bad at all.

First, the rear. Here's the original on the back of the car. This is a 17x8 wheel with the stock 2001 offset.

Here's the 2012 version. These are 17x7 wheels, with the stock offset for that year. I don't think that's a bad look, though I can see where some folks would use a spacer there, to move the tire an inch or so to the outside of the car.

Now for the front. The wheels up here are 16", though I'm not sure of the width. Could be 8". I have not checked.

And here's the 2012 wheel:

It appears to be in the same physical location, though I haven't tried driving it yet to see if there's any rubbing I'm gonna need to deal with. From what I was able to find here and on other sites, the 2012 wheel's offset brings them in an inch on the New Edge cars, but the smaller width of these rims ought to counterbalance that. So far I like the look. If there are any problems, I'll update this post with the issue and my solution.

In the meantime, I've got three 17" rims and 4 16" rims taking up space on my carport I've got to get rid of. Who wants them? :)