2014 Fantasy Football Keeper League


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If you don't plan on playing this year let me know so we can find a replacement.

Keeper deadline is August 17th. Please PM me with your keepers.

DRAFT DATE AND TIME: Sun Aug 24 12:00pm MDT


1. Wandler (The Dougernauts)
2. JamesButabi (JamesButabi)
3. Rapscallion (DesertBucs)
4. stangFLIP (StangFlip)
5. JDalipi (Albanian Biskote)
6. JDalipi's cousin (Lenny) (Harbaughcalypse)
7. BigRed (Niner Nation)
8. kcoon (The Mr. Rodgers Show)
9. chaoticdismay
10. trik (Ill Win Again)

Blue = Paid

Entry Fee: $25 (Send as gift via paypal)
Method: Paypal
Directions: Please include your screen name in the payment comments
Send to: I will hold the cash again this year. Paypal as gift to [email protected]

1st: $175
2nd: $50
3rd: $25


1. You cannot keep anyone drafted in rounds 1 thru 4.
2. Free Agents (players not drafted) count as a 10th round pick.
3. You can keep 1 player per position.
4. You can keep 2 players total.
5. Keeper moves up one round from the previous year. Example: If a guy was drafted in the 7th, he will cost you your 6th.
6. Once you have kept a player twice you can no longer keep him.


After everyone is in we can designate the keepers from last season.

If anyone has suggestions we can discuss them here...


2012 Keepers:

Wandler (BucU) - Cam Newton (10th); Demarco Murray (9th)
JDalipi (Albanian Biskote) - Darren Sproles (12th), Victor Cruz (10th)
JDalipi's cousin (Boned) - Rob Gronkowski (9th), SF 49ers D (10th)
kcoon - Miles Austin (8th), Cedric Benson (5th)
Rapscallion (DesertBucs) - Ryan Fitzpatrick (12th)
BigRed (BigRed 9ers) - Vincent Jackson (9th), Fred Jackson (7th)
JamesButabi (JamesButabi) - Mike Vick (9th), Julio Jones (5th)
stangFLIP - Mathew Stafford (7th)
chaoticdismay (rooleyes) - Jimmy Graham (6th), AJ Green (11th)
trik (Ill Win Again)

2013 Keepers

Wandler (The Dougernauts) - Cam Newton (9th); Randall Cobb (13th)
JamesButabi (JamesButabi) - Julio Jones (4th); Mike Vick (8th)
Rapscallion (DesertBucs) - Reggie Wayne (6th); Alfred Morris (10th)
stangFLIP (StangFlip) - No Keepers
JDalipi (Albanian Biskote) - Victor Cruz (9th); Steven Ridley (8th)
JDalipi's cousin (Harbaughcalypse) - Rob Gronkowski (8th); Seattle D (14th)
BigRed (Niner Nation) - Colin Kaepernick (10th); Jermaine Gresham (12th)
kcoon (The Mr. Rodgers Show) - No Keepers
chaoticdismay - CJ Spiller (11th); AJ Green (10th)
trik (Ill Win Again) - Andrew Luck (9th)

2014 Keepers
1. Wandler (The Dougernauts) - Randall Cobb (12th), Montee Ball (5th)
2. JamesButabi (JamesButabi) - Joquie Bell (10), Denver (9)
3. Rapscallion (DesertBucs) - Percy Harvin (11), Alfred Morris (9)
4. stangFLIP (StangFlip) - Eddie Lacy (5th), Keenan Allen (10th)
5. JDalipi (Albanian Biskote) - Julius Thomas (10)
6. JDalipi's cousin (Lenny) (Harbaughcalypse) - Antonio Brown (5), Seattle (13)
7. BigRed (Niner Nation) - Colin Kaepernick (9), Michael Crabtree (12)
8. kcoon (The Mr. Rodgers Show) - Alshon Jeffrey (13), Giovani Bernard (7)
9. chaoticdismay - CJ Spiller (10)
10. trik (Ill Win Again) - Andrew Luck (8)
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Ok, Grumpy you still want in? KCoon never renewed and we need to get going.

If so, PM your email.
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Here is his roster:

Draft Order:

So basically you can't keep Ryan, Jackson, Forte, Rice. Anyone not drafted is a 10th rounder.


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I'll keep Alshon Jeffery and Giovani Bernard

wait - is it ppr? if not then I may want Laveon bell
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