2014 Mustang V6 Exhaust Question


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Hey y'all,

Im new to the forum and was curious as to which cat-back systems you guys use or recommend? I have a budget of about 600 and currently look at the Pypes Mid Muffler Cat back exhaust w/ the black tips (link included). Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this set up, how it sounds and if its worth the buy? I want something that sounds aggressive but not completely straight piped so im not getting tickets left and right. Any input would be great.

Pypes Mid Muffler Catback Mustang Exhaust with Black Tips SFM79B (11-14 V6) - Free Shipping

Thanks in advance everyone!

2014 Mustang V6
6-Speed Manual


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I am about to get some bbk shorties and see how it sounds afterwards.....Headers will change the tone, then I'll see after that


I am running the cervinis side exhaust kit. The kit is a little expensive. If you could have something made similar to the MMD mustang that was given away last year which covers the rear exhaust holes. You can get a mid muffler and dump it. The right size mid mufflers will give you a nice deep aggressive tone.