2015 Ford Mustang -- Revealed Dec. 5th


Go Green! Go White!
The 2015 Ford Mustang, the first completely redesigned Mustang since the 2005 model year, is widely expected to make its official world debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January, well ahead of the iconic nameplate’s 50th anniversary on April 17, 2014. However, Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] will be giving us a little Christmas bonus this year, as the automaker has just confirmed that the new 2015 Mustang will be revealed on December 5.

To count down to the moment, over the next 15 days Ford is teaming up with Facebook and Instagram and will be posting Mustang-related content through the social waves. Fans of the car are also invited to share their thoughts on the Mustang via the #MustangInspires hashtag.

Just as the original Mustang was revealed in 1964 simultaneously in New York and 11 European cities, on December 5 of this year the 2015 Mustang will make its debut simultaneously in six cities on four continents. The reveal events will take place at Ford’s home in Dearborn, Michigan as well as in New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Shanghai and Sydney.

2015 Ford Mustang To Be Revealed December 5: Official


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Will be interesting to see what it is like. I want to hear more about EcoBoost Mustang personally.


It is the 50th anniversary? They're releasing it 50 years from the original. I'm sure they're going to make a 50th trim package.


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Rumor has it there will be select # of "50th anniversary editions" possibly available by April 17th, '14 for the official 50th Mustang birthday celebrations in Vegas and Charlotte.


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Looks like a 2 door Fusion! Glad I got my 2014 Pony Convertible. Love this style. And where did the side scoops go?

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The official unveiling of this car was a mere week before deciding on getting a '13 or '14. I am glad I went ahead and pulled the trigger too! The design is way too European, IMO! Don't get me wrong, it is still a great looking car and I'm sure it will out perform, however, I believe it's lost a lot of the Mustang design cues. Did the designer ever think that the reason they were so popular around the world was because it was an American car and it was different than anything that was produced on their continent?

There are some things I like about it. Wider stance, triple "gill" marks, an improvement in interior quality (though the design is still questionable), the IRS and the hopes of a V6 turbo Ecoboost in the near future.

Dislikes: Loss of side scoops, "euro" or "jap" looking headlights, the whole rear end (the tail lights look good but would look better on a more Mustang like tail) IDK, it may turn out to look better in person... doubt it; they should have released the Mustang before the fusion, then they can say that the fusion looks like a Mustang instead of demeaning the Mustang and saying it looks like a fusion.

I must say that at least it is no Mustang II.